Our Brand


EnerDel is committed to providing its customers with the most efficient and effective, production-ready solutions to meet their needs in developing energy storage, transportation, mass transit and task-oriented applications.  This commitment is at the core of the EnerDel brand.

In 2012, EnerDel established a new corporate logo rooted in this commitment and based on the core element of the solutions we design for our customers … the lithium-ion, prismatic cell.  It is the focal point for our new logo and emanates throughout each element of the brand by embracing the positive and negative connections that make the cell function.

To convey this through our logo, we created an artistic representation of the symbol used to denote a battery on an electrical drawing.  The symbol was encased in a blue box to give it presence and draw the eye.  This logo icon is also accentuated by the use of a warm gray color in the logotype.  The typeface conveys strength and leadership and extends the heritage of the EnerDel name.  The blue logo icon color was chosen to embrace the color most commonly associated with electricity, as well as to denote the environmental benefits delivered through the solutions EnerDel manufactures.  The logo is straight-forward, uncomplicated and effective, which just so happens to be the same way EnerDel conducts business with its customers.